Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

A Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by a third-party laboratory (DB Labs in Nevada). These COAs confirm that a regulated product meets its product specification.  All of our products have a Certificates of Analysis. Click the images below to download the full PDFs:

Gummies COA.png
Gummies COA
BodyButter COA.jpg
Body Butter COA
Lip Balm COA.png
Lip Balm COA
Coconut Oil COA.png
Coconut Oil COA
The Hemp Folk Pre-Rolled Joints CoA.png
CBD Pre-Roll COA
Topical Oil COA.png
Topical Oil COA
Hawthorne Flower COA
Tincture COA.png
Tincture COA

The Hemp Folk is a Utah based, farm-to-table style CBD product distributor. We grow the industrial hemp; process the full-spectrum CBD oil traditionally, and distribute directly to YOU! Enjoy our products knowing that each item was made with absolute care and attention to quality.

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