About The Hemp Folk

Utah grown and processed. We are The Hemp Folk and we make the highest quality CBD products from premium industrial hemp for YOU!

I’m Dr. B. Thank you for visiting The Hemp Folk’s online shop.

Why are we starting a new online store now, during COVID-19? Because we’re scared and worried, and these products have the potential to help! COVID-19 has changed our lives and has made us more fearful than ever. We are all overwhelmed, but we can’t stop fighting.

The CBD industry is growing rapidly, and although there are good products on the market, there are also quite a few duds. I’m not always sure which are which. And the prices! Who’s got the money for that?!?! That’s exactly why our team has worked so hard to get these products out to the public as quickly as possible at a price that is beyond fair!

I guarantee that we take every step possible to ensure that The Hemp Folk products are produced using:

  1. our beloved hemp plants that were grown organically;

  2. our traditional extraction technique that maintains the full spectrum of potential healing properties, and;

  3. manufactured in a certified GMP kitchen/processing facility.

We are BIG fans of our products and use them daily, and that is why we can claim they are the best.

For now, we have three products ready for sale across the USA: 1) CBD gummies, 2) CBD body lotion, and 3) CBD lip balm. We are working to register more products, such as CBD Tinctures, CBD Topical oil, and hemp-infused coconut oil. Each product goes through very stringent third-party laboratory testing, and the State of Utah requires every product sold to have a Product Registration Certificate. We gladly jump these hoops so that our customers are certain of the safety and quality of our products. But we don’t stop there… You’ll notice that every item is marked down automatically from the suggested retail price. That’s because we all deserve a break! No coupon codes needed. Are you located outside of the US? Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to get the products to you (as long as your country approves). Just contact us, and we’ll find a way.

About our products

The Hemp Folk Gummies provide a gentle calming effect that allows us to manage heightened levels of anxiety. They are made with traditionally extracted full spectrum CBD oil, so you have the full entourage effect! But don’t worry, the THC levels are well below 0.3%, so they will NOT get you high.


The Hemp Folk Body Butter is super smooth and luxurious! One of our customers uses it on his hands for helping minimize shaking due to Parkinsons. I use it on my knees and my shoulders, and I can walk down the stairs in the morning without holding on for dear life. It also smells so lovely… Our friend Amber says it smells “so sexy”… but you can decide that for yourself.


The Hemp Folk Lipbalm is a favorite around the farm and kitchen! Made with all natural, pronounceable ingredients this lipbalm is smooth as silk, stays on forever, and makes your chapped lips gorgeous and kissable!

The Hemp Folk is a Utah based, farm-to-table style CBD product distributor. We grow the industrial hemp; process the full-spectrum CBD oil traditionally, and distribute directly to YOU! Enjoy our products knowing that each item was made with absolute care and attention to quality.

Email us: thehempfolk@gmail.com

Text or call us: 435-764-6666

Our farm: www.intentional-growth.com

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